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Unit 1 Fundamentals:

The attached documents will be used to enhance the learning of the Fundamentals of Economics:

Econ Syllabus

Principles of Economics

Course Syllabus: 2015

Instructors:  Cox/ Taylor                    email:


Room:  2316                                                         PLC:  Cox, Dean, Maselli, Parsons

Course Description and Objectives:
Principles of Economics is a 9-week course that describes and analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.  In this course, you will be exposed to rigorous subject material designed in a manner consistent with the college courses you will be taking in the near future.  Thus, upon completion of this course you will not only have a solid understanding of the course’s content; you will have enhanced the skills required for success at the next level.

Course Content*:
Unit One                 Fundamentals of Economics
Unit Two                 Supply and Demand         
Unit Three               Market Structures and Business Types
Unit Four                Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Unit Five                 International Economics

*subject to change at the instructor’s discretion

Grading Policy and Scale**:
Principles of Economics is required for graduation.  The course will be graded on a point system and weighted based on category.  This course culminates with the State of Georgia Milestones Assessment which serves as the Final Exam for the course.  Categories are weighted as follows:

Summative Assessments             60%             A:  90% - 100%          Distinguished Performance
Formative Assessments              20%             B:  80% - 89%        Exceeds Expectations
GA Milestones Assessment         20%             C:  74% - 79%        Meets Expectations
Total Possible                           100%            D:  70% - 73%        Below Expectations
                                                                      F:  69% and below  Failure to Meet Expectations

**Instructor has FULL DISCRETION regarding which assignments are graded and/or entered into the grade book.

Important Annotations:  Class rules:
  • Respect the learning environment.
  • Do nothing that hinders teaching or learning.
  • Respond to instruction, the first time, participate.
  • No gum

Missed Summative Assignments:***
  • Any student absent on the day of a scheduled Test or Quiz must take that missed Test or Quiz the day he/she returns to class.
  • Any student absent on the day before a scheduled Test or Quiz may postpone taking that scheduled Test or Quiz only if new content was delivered during the absence.  In such an instance, the student should use the class period on which they return to obtain any missed material and must then make up the Test or Quiz the following school day.
  • For purposes of test security, all make up Tests and Quizzes will be in a different format than that of the original.

Missed Formative Assignments:***
  • Any Class Work or Home Work that was due on the date of an absence must be submitted for grading at the beginning of class on the day the student returns.
  • Any Class Work or Home Work assigned on the day of an absence must be obtained by the student the day he/she returns to class and must be submitted for grading at the beginning of class the following school day.

***Failure to adhere to these deadlines will result in a permanent zero for that assignment.

“I have thoroughly read and understand this syllabus and have discussed the expectations of this course with my student.  Additionally, my signature represents my guarantee that I will monitor my student’s grade on a constant basis though the ParentVUE portal of the Synergy Gradebook System and contact the instructor with any concerns.” (Passwords may be obtained via the school’s the Front Office)

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